Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Possessing Beauty

From me to you :)

I wanted to do a fictional piece based on 'my collection', but couldn't find a direction, so I went with this...

Write about a collection. Write about something you or ,someone you know, collects. Think about the "why" behind the collection - why is it important to collect this particular thing? How does it make the person feel to add another piece to their collection? Is the group of objects there to be seen, to be studied or simply kept together? Write a real life story or a piece of fiction. Wherever the prompt takes you...Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links. Oh, and enjoy!

The Smile Bank

My collection is physical yet not material. It takes up space yet will never overflow. I try to donate more of my collection than I receive. I am fulfilled with each contribution, but will never be satisfied to stop collecting.  I love to share my collection, but each gift is mine to treasure.  

I collect smiles.

They can be big cheesy smiles, cheeky grins, awkward acknowledgements and even misdirected smiles, originally meant for others. Any way they come, I catch them and deposit them into my memory bank. My account is in constant flux as I archive hundreds of withdrawals and deposits. Some days it feels that I am in smile credit. These are the days I feel best about my collection. Other days, the cash flow of smiles is a little parched.

It took me a while to realise that my collection is mainly a reflection of me. There is the occasional stranger that will willingly offer up a toothy donation to my collection. Mostly, though, when smiles are constantly trickling from my account, they are almost always returned, with interest.

My collection is dynamic yet always preserved. Feel ‘free’ to add to my collection anytime, or open your own smile account and start collecting. 


  1. Beautiful piece, and an interesting take on the prompt. I love your collection, I think I'll start one of my own.

  2. What a great collection to have - I've never thought of it that way.

    I shall start my own collection of smiles :)

  3. I love the idea of collecting smiles. :)

  4. thank you for stopping by, tiffy, to read my post.

  5. Definitely a great collection to have, love this!